Twitter & the Job Search Breakfast Club

Job Search Breakfast Club

Twitter is much more than social networking. First and foremost, it is a personal learning network. This blog post explains how Twitter can be used as a PLN for a better defined personal brand and a more successful job search. I love the smell of Twitter in the morning. The Twitter app on my iPhone […]

The Foolhardiness of Mismanaging Your Twitter Streams


Twitter is love.  Twitter is hate. It depends upon whom you ask. Not surprisingly, Twitter continues to grow as new users, new features, and new investors discover its benefits. As a Twitter user since 2009, I have had my share of rejoices, discoveries, frustrations, and learning experiences. For now, the positives of using Twitter do […]

A Social Media Enthusiast Walked Into a Bar

Social Media

A social media enthusiastic life can sometimes be overwhelming to others.

This story illustrates that social networking should complement, not replace, traditional physical networking for personal branding and job search.

Click Into the Serendipity of Twitter for a Social Media Refresh

serendipity of twitter

I admit it.  I am a list maker.  To do lists. “Honey do” lists. Blog post lists. I also like to make and use Twitter lists and have previously written about using Twitter lists for personal branding and job search. The Value of Using Twitter Lists. My Twitter lists are of my favorite Twitter people […]