The Willy-Nilly of LinkedIn Endorsements

It is no secret, and evident from my previous blog posts, that LinkedIn is my favored social media network for personal branding and job search. What is not to like? With LinkedIn you can build and expand on your resume, provide an e-portfolio as evidence of your best work, connect with professionals in your career […]

When Personal Branding Takes a Holiday

It is that time of the year. The weather is changing. The birds are singing. The semester is past mid-term exams. And, young people are flocking to warm sandy beaches or white powdered ski resorts and doing things that would make their mother blush or a potential employer laugh [and say no]. In these digital […]

Do’s & Don’ts When Using Social Media for Personal Branding & the Job Search

Social media offers a bit of the Wild Wild West on the World Wide Web. Almost anything goes. There are no white hat Internet guardians. No grammar police. No great firewall censors. Unless you and your social activity fear the consequences of a Google slap, the Facebook EdgeRank algorithm, a LinkedIn Group penalty box, or […]

I Tweet. Therefore, I Am

Succinct because I have to get my point across in 140 characters, preferably less. Informed because I have developed and continue to build a personal learning network (PLN) on my topic(s) of career focus. Helpful because I social share links to current content of value to my target. Creative because I also social share links […]