Twitter & the Job Search Breakfast Club

Twitter is much more than social networking. First and foremost, it is a personal learning network. This blog post explains how Twitter can be used as a PLN for a better defined personal brand and a more successful job search. I love the smell of Twitter in the morning. The Twitter app on my iPhone […]

Schooled in Social Media: 12 Undergrads Share Lessons Learned

The semester is near over. Grading is almost done. My students have learned well. In a previous blog post I wrote about the lessons our Moms can teach us about using social media; now I write about what we can learn from my millennial undergraduate marketing students. The Project. In my Spring 2014 Social Media […]

Twitter is Love

Twitter offers many things to many people. Some love Twitter.  Some hate Twitter. Many are indifferent. Love While Facebook is easy to Like, it is even easier to love Twitter.  Where else can you feed your passion and learn and share in real-time with like-minded people from anywhere in the World Wide Web? However, as […]