3 Personal Brand Killing Habits to Unlearn Now

Personal brand killing habits learned in college can delay a young professional’s job and career future. This blog post addresses three habits that need unlearning before irreparably damaging a job applicant or an employee’s personal brand in the eyes of important career stakeholders. College is a time for independence.  College is a time for fun. […]

Networking Convergence: When Digital Meets Physical

Successful self-marketing requires both social media and physical networking. This blog post addresses the importance of networking convergence for personal branding, job search, and career advancement. Social media networking is a lot like physical networking.  Yet, they are different. Think about it. Everyone from near graduates to CEOs know and understand the importance and necessity […]

Daddy, What is Social Media?

My blog posts are typically about the how-to and why-to of using social media marketing for personal branding and job search (PB&J). However, I oft times see things in a humorous way, as illustrated with my most popular blog post to date: A Social Media Enthusiast Walked into a Bar. This blog post presents a […]

4 Telltale Questions to Uncover a Personal Brand That Stinks

Excuse me, while I hold your nose. True: “You may not need a personal brand, but you have one.” You, I, and everyone have a personal brand image (or how others see you in a particular situation or environment). Begin to understand by answering these 4 telltale questions: 1. How would your co-workers describe you? […]