Which Social Media Network is the One for You?

While I usually end a blog post with a question, today I want to do a hand stance and begin with a question. Sure, everyone has their favorite social media network, and for different purposes.  But, what: “If you could choose just one social media network, which would you choose? And, why?” I do not […]

When Personal Branding Takes a Holiday

It is that time of the year. The weather is changing. The birds are singing. The semester is past mid-term exams. And, young people are flocking to warm sandy beaches or white powdered ski resorts and doing things that would make their mother blush or a potential employer laugh [and say no]. In these digital […]

I Love You More Than I Love Social Media

No doubt, social media has become a ubiquitous part of our lives. Some go to bed with social media. Others wake up to social media.  And, during the day, many of us check our social media more often than we check our email. I love social media, and it shows. Unfortunately, on more than one […]

Social Media Marketing & the Butterfly Effect

As a marketing professor at the University of Northern Colorado, I need to learn more of how to do social media marketing. If I don’t learn to do social media marketing, then I won’t be able to teach it effectively to my marketing students. If I don’t teach it effectively to my marketing students, then […]