Social Media Marketing & the Butterfly Effect

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Social Media Marketing & the Butterfly Effect

As a marketing professor at the University of Northern Colorado, I need to learn more of how to do social media marketing.

If I don’t learn to do social media marketing, then I won’t be able to teach it effectively to my marketing students.

If I don’t teach it effectively to my marketing students, then they won’t learn about social media marketing strategy and professionalism.

β€œIf students don’t learn about social media marketing strategy and professionalism, then they will likely continue to use Twitter as they do Facebook: poorly.”

If students continue to use Facebook and Twitter poorly and unprofessionally, then their personal brands may be irreparably harmed and businesses will not hire them for social media marketing internships or jobs.

If businesses do not hire good strategically trained candidates to run their social media, then many businesses may continue to use social media as one way communication and not so social.

When business efforts for a non-social use of social media marketing is found as not effective, they may get discouraged, realize their wasted time, and stop using social media altogether.

If businesses stop using social media, then bigger budgets will be needed for traditional advertising and marketing.

If more efforts and bigger budgets for traditional marketing fail, then many businesses may fail.

If many businesses fail, then the economy will turn bad, again.

If the economy turns bad again, then many students may not afford college.

If many students cannot afford college, then enrollments will decline.

If overall college enrollments decline, there will be fewer business and marketing students.

If there are fewer business and marketing students, then my marketing classes will get smaller.

If my marketing classes get smaller, then my pay may get smaller, too.

If my pay gets smaller, then I may soon be out of a job.


β€œI need to learn more about social media marketing strategy to keep my job as a marketing professor.”


Image credit: from Laura Thykeson on Flickr.


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As a nationally recognized and award winning Marketing Professor in the Monfort College of Business at the University of Northern Colorado, I help others to gain a Digital Self Marketing Advantage through use of social media marketing for personal branding, job search, skills development, career advancement, and life-long learning.


  1. True logic! Good post Denny.

  2. Debra A. Jason says:

    Like the progression of your thinking. I’ve recently been retained by a few clients who have college grads doing their social media. While these enthusiastic peeps know about (and have grown up with) Facebook, they’ve been on their personal profiles & need to learn about utilizing social networking for biz vs. personal “stuff.” The good news? They’re definitely quick learners.

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