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Denny McCorkle - My Digital Life 2As a marketing professor that teaches about the web and social media, I repeatedly get technical questions from students and others.


The Questions

1. “Professor McCorkle, you tweeted during class today and other days this week at exactly 11:37 am.  But, I did not see you use your iPhone or computer while you were teaching our class.  How did you do that?

2. “Professor, with all your around-the-clock activity on social media, how do you find time for your family?”

3. “I am beginning to get some retweets. What tools do you use to measure Twitter influence?”

4. “I want to find and social share content from my iPad. What apps do you recommend?”

5. “Will a 100 volt hair dryer from Japan work properly in U.S. 110-120 volt outlets?”

The Answers

Rather than repeatedly answering these questions and more, I came up with this idea of a FAQ about my digital life.  Or, perhaps I should call it FAQ, frequently answered questions. So, here are my answers. It is up to you to make up the questions. And, of course you can always ask additional questions at the end of this post.  Such questions may even inspire a new blog post.

Note 1: just as social media platforms and supporting tools will change, so goes my digital life and the content on this page. So, watch this space.

Note 2: I will occasionally write blog posts about how I or you can use these platforms and tools for self marketing, personal branding, and social media marketing.  Subscribe to this blog or follow my Tweets for more detailed answers.

The Hardware

iMac at the office.

Lenovo with Windows 7 at home.

MacBook Air, iPad Mini, and iPhone 5 for travel and mobile use.

Windows 7 computers in the classroom.

iPad 1 for my daughter to play with kid appropriate apps.

Lenovo Twist Windows 8 for my wife’s home computer.

iPhone 4 (unlocked) for WiFi use when visiting China.

The Software

MS Office (for Windows and Mac)


WinX DVD Ripper

Hamster Free Zip Archiver

UNCO VPN (for school security)

HMA VPN (so I can watch NetFlix and BBC while in China; and social share thru a hole in the great firewall of China)

Blog Platforms is self-hosted with Bluehost using the Genesis Framework and Prose child theme. is hosted by

Favorite WordPress Widgets/PlugIns


Fancier Author Box

Disqus Comment System

Google Analytics for WordPress

Simple Links

Social Stickers

W3 Total Cache

WordPress Editorial Calendar

Favorite Social Media Platforms

LinkedIn (DennyMcCorkle)

Twitter (@TweetRightBrain, @DennyMcCorkle)

Google+ (DennyMcCorkle, with Google+ private communities for each of my classes).

Pinterest (DennyMcCorkle)

Facebook Page (I Geek for Creativity)

Facebook (personal only)

Instagram (personal only)

2 YouTube Channels (denny5123 and IGeekforCreativity) (DennyMcCorkle)

Quora (DennyMcCorkle)

Youku (to share family videos with my wife’s friends and family in China)

QQ and WeChat (to communicate with my wife’s friends and family in China)

Favorite Social Media for Visual Identity or Profiles


Rebel Mouse

Favorite Mobile Apps
















Air PlayIt (for steaming movies from computer to iPad thru WiFi)

Notes (to record ideas and blog posts and sync across all Apple devices using iCloud)

Skype (for all international phone calls)





Favorite Chrome Extensions



Last Pass

Send from Gmail (by Google)

Evernote Web Clipper



Favorite Email

Gmail (


Other Tech

Sonos (wireless music streaming from iTunes)

Roku (connects Internet programming to the TV)

Dish Hopper and Everything Pack (satellite TV)

Obi110 VoIP Telephone Adapter (for free home phone calls thru the Internet)

Comcast Broadband (50+ mg download)

Asus RT AC66U Router (the fastest in-home WiFi possible)

Best Answers to the Majority of Questions That I Am Asked

Just Google it.  Or, just ask.

Inspire Me

What are your questions about using technology for personal branding, social media marketing, or the job search?


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As a nationally recognized and award winning Marketing Professor in the Monfort College of Business at the University of Northern Colorado, I help students, professors, and professionals to gain a Digital Self Marketing Advantage through the use of social media marketing for personal branding, job search, skills development, career advancement, and life-long learning.