1. So soon we forget and become lazy. Thanks for the nudge!


  1. […] Your app takes my digital life mobile.  Social sharing across multiple social media platforms while on the go is quicker and easier than previously imagined.  Amazingly, I can continue my insomniac Tweeting schedule and leave the optimization of post time scheduling for you.  Though the temptation for a quick and easy duplicate posting across multiple platforms is strong, your app also makes it easy for me to add relevant comment or social share annotation. […]

  2. […] I will add more social annotation to my social shares and provide others a reason to click through and learn from my quality-rather-than-quantity of […]

  3. […] many social media networks at one time, you can quickly find yourself overextended and overwhelmed, become a lazy social content curator, and epically fail to reap the higher level personal and business benefits of engagement on social […]

  4. […] Say “no” to trolls, haters, tricksters, spammers, self-promoters, and lazy curators. […]

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