Dress Your Personal Brand for Social Sharing Success

There is an often repeated saying:

“Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have.” ~ Anonymous Click to Tweet

I strategically believe this sentiment also applies to social sharing and personal branding.

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Dress Your Personal Brand for Social Sharing Success

Even though you may choose to Tweet or blog while naked, what you share in the social media represents your personal brand and its contribution to your image.

In a previous blog post, I spotlighted the importance of branding your digital life and taking control of your digital reputation. To do so requires planning and strategies.

Start by asking yourself these questions:

1. What do you want to accomplish with your personal branding?

2. How do you want others to see the brand you (brand identity)?

3. How do others see the brand you (brand image)?

4. And, how have you dressed up your personal brand to close the gap between questions 2 and 3?

Are You a Social Media Ninja?

If your social media profiles say you are a social media enthusiast or ninja or expert or strategist, then the content you social share should support that personal branding.

I don’t care about your Facebook type declarations of personal beliefs, family accomplishments, check-ins, one-sided chats with friends, or memories of your most recent meal.

I don’t care about your number of followers/connections, your Twitter follower to following ratio, or your Klout score.

I just want you to deliver on who and what you say you are.

And, if you engage others on the subject and don’t over post or auto post, I may begin to believe that you are what you say you are.

Then, if an occasional link goes to your original blog content on the subject, I will truly begin to believe you could influence me, and I will press the follow button, retweet you, and add you to my Social Media Ninja Twitter list.

“You are what you tweet, blog or social share.”

Or, Are You a LOL Cat Lover?

Contrariwise, if you regularly social share links to LOL cats, or even your original photos of your disco dancing cat named Travolta, I don’t think this will do much to reinforce your chosen personal brand identity.

Yes, you may make me laugh.  Yes, I may share your link on my personal Facebook page.  And, I may even add you to my Funny People on Twitter list (even though I won’t follow you). You may even get lots of retweets, @mentions, new followers, and an increased Klout score.

But, remember: you are what you tweet, blog or social share.

And, your social sharing and its personal branding image says you are in the business of cats or humor or both.  And unless that is your intention, it won’t do much to sell your personal brand.

But Don’t Misunderstand 

There is nothing wrong with sharing an occasional tweet about cats or anything that reflects a bit about your personality.  And who among us has not once upon a time shared a tweet or two about bacon?

But your tweets about cats or bacon or Justin Bieber should be few and far between.  Because such tweets are not going to sell your personal brand and assist in getting a job, promotion, or career advancement.

You are what you tweet, blog or social share.

In other words: you should dress for social sharing success.

For this is what personal branding is all about.


Image credit: Denny McCorkle

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Denny McCorkle @DennyMcCorkle

Professor of Marketing, Monfort College of Business at University of Northern Colorado
As a nationally recognized and award winning Marketing Professor in the Monfort College of Business at the University of Northern Colorado, I help students, professors, and professionals to gain a Digital Self Marketing Advantage through the use of social media marketing for personal branding, job search, skills development, career advancement, and life-long learning.