A Personal Branding Strategist Walked Into That Same Bar

Personal branding requires networking, both physical networking and social media networking. This is a story of their convergence and the essential role of LinkedIn.


You can learn a lot in a bar.


In a bar there is always someone willing to talk and teach you a few things about life, perhaps even about a digital life.


In a previous blog post, A Social Media Enthusiast Walked Into a Bar, I wrote a fictional story about the overzealous and overly enthusiastic behavior often shared by today’s wannabe digerati of social media.


In this blog post I continue my storytelling about the importance of a networking convergence of the digital with the physical for greater success with personal branding, job search, and career.

A Conversation of Networking Convergence.

The Take-Away.

Physical networking is more old-school.  Social media networking is more new-school.

Ideally, both are needed for successful personal branding and job search (PB&J).

A networking convergence strategy represents an improvement in both, or a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts.

How have you connected your physical networking with your social media networking?

Image: by Denny McCorkle


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Denny McCorkle @DennyMcCorkle

Professor of Marketing, Monfort College of Business at University of Northern Colorado
As a nationally recognized and award winning Marketing Professor in the Monfort College of Business at the University of Northern Colorado, I help students, professors, and professionals to gain a Digital Self Marketing Advantage through the use of social media marketing for personal branding, job search, skills development, career advancement, and life-long learning.